Dr. Gurvinder Kalra on Coming Out post-377

Published: April 23, 2012

In the same (I quarter, 2012) issue of Indian Journal of Psychiatry as the editorial by Drs. Rao and Jacob titled ‘Homosexuality and India’ – the closest the Indian Psychiatric Society has come to an official progressive stand on homosexuality –  is an article by Dr Gurvinder Kalra from the Department of Psychiatry, Lokmanya Tilak Medical College and Sion General Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Kalra provides guidance to psychiatrists who are encountering clients from the LGBT community in the wake of Delhi High Court’s 377 decision decriminalizing consensual same-sex behavior among adults.
Dr. Kalra echoes the Rao-Jacob editorial in calling on psychiatrists not to continue with the unethical practice of aversion therapy, and provides a simple flow chart illustrating how a psychiatrist should support a client who is lesbian, gay, bi or trans*.  He asks the doctor to assess whether the client has any accompanying (“co-morbid”) conditions needing psychiatric intervention, and provide those if needed. If there are no such conditions, he asks the doctor to facilitate the client’s journey towards self-acceptance, help him/her address internalized homophobia, provide referrals to local support groups, and assist her/him in coming out to immediate and extended family.

Full text of article available at link below –

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