Diversity Works: Lessons Learnt in the Precis Project 2006-2011

Published: October 5, 2011

Diversity Works: Lessons Learnt in the Precis Project 2006-2011 ‘Prevention and Empowerment in the Commonwealth of Independent States: Responding to HIV/AIDS among Sexual Minorities ‘


Introduction   5

Overview of PRECIS partner organizations   6

PRECIS Approach: health, HIV and human rights   9

GenderDoc-M Regional Partner:
The role of capacity building of local LGBT organizations in PRECIS   11

Women’s Initiatives Support Group: Empowerment of LBT women   15

Amulet: Social support to MSM for HIV testing   15

GenderDoc-M National Partner: Working with parents   17

Kakhaber Kepuladze: Outreach work with LGBT   23

Olena Semenova: Do WSW need outreach programmes?   25

LiGA: HIV/AIDS prevention in the MSM/LGBT community   27

Za Ravnie Prava:
A comprehensive approach to addressing LB health issues   29

We For Civil Equality:
Outreach in parks – safety and policing around cruising areas   32

Gender and Development: Monitoring the
sexual behaviour of MSM in cooperation with government bodies   34

Setting advocacy goals to improve the situation of LGBTI people   37

Labrys: Lobbying and advocacy in relation to transgender legislation   39

Insight: The queer perspective   42

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