Development and Validation of HIV-Related Dyadic Measures for Men Who Have Sex with Men.

Published: December 29, 2011


The purpose of this study was to develop and assess the psychometric properties of several scales that measure dyadic constructs derived from an integrated model of interdependence theory and communal coping perspectives. The scales are specific to HIV risk and men who have sex with men who are in an intimate relationship. These scales are newly developed measures of perceived severity of HIV, preferences for sexual health outcomes, outcome and couple efficacy to avoid HIV, and communal coping strategies. Scale items were created based on theoretical definitions and results from six focus groups with men who have sex with men. Face and content validity of the scales were assessed with a panel of six experts in the field of HIV prevention. Revised scales were subsequently administered to an online sample of 638 men who have sex with men, who indicated being in a relationship for at least three months. All scales showed adequate reliability, and evidence for construct validity was obtained for all scales, except for perceived severity of HIV. The results indicate that these dyadic scales are psychometrically sound and can be used in future HIV prevention research and practice with men who have sex with men couples.

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