Developing a menu of efective interventions for transgender youth

Published: August 1, 2008

Developing a menu of efective interventions for transgender youth

Issues: Transgender youth are highly impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, in particular male to female transgender youth. Studies have shown that transgender male to female are more likely to engage in unprotected sexual activities than any other population due to the engagement of high risk activities because of the lack of opportunities such as obtaining employment or accessing health care services. Studies have shown that many transgender youth engage in high rates of substance use, unprotected sex, and sharing of injection paraphernalia.

Description: This workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn about effective interventions that have been adapted and tailored for transgender youth ages twelve to twenty four. Participants will learn key components of these interventions and strategies they can implement in their local agencies and communities. This workshop will highlight methods that can be adapted and incorporated by other providers interested in developing services for transgender youth.

Lessons learned: Based on over a decade of developing interventions for transgender youth we have learn that is important to involve youth in the development of programs that address HIV at both the individual, group, and community levels. Individual level interventions must be holistic and offer opportunities for meeting basic needs, (i.e. clothing, food, shelter, mental health). Group and community level interventions should offer opportunities for mentorship and peer support that build on the social networks of the community, while also addressing structural level changes (i.e. new or modified policies and practices that impact transgender youth).

Next steps: Transgenders in many countries are highly impacted by the HIV pandemic yet few programs have specifically been developed for their unique needs. Planners, providers, and advocates must develop comprehensive programs that recognize the resiliency of this highly impacted population.

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