Demand to Cameroon to bring lynch mob to justice

Published: July 31, 2013

The African human rights group REDHAC is calling for the government to speak out against the wave of homophobia currently gripping the nation and to bring to justice those who stoned an LGBT man to death on July 24.

The following press release from REDHAC largely confirms the accounts of the death as reported in this blog and in O-blog-dee.

REDHAC stands for the Reseau des Defenseurs des Droits Humains en Afrique Central, the Network of Central African Human Rights Defenders.

Press release (received July 30, slightly edited here for spelling and usage)

Douala, July 26th  2013 : Torture, lynching and  arbitrary arrest of Henry MBAH and  Elvis ATABONG, two presumed homosexuals, by the population and the police in the Muyuka subdivision, South-western Cameroon.

REDHAC has been informed of the lynching of Mr Henry MBAH, presumed homosexual aged 35 years,  on July 24th 2013 in Muyuka, barely two weeks after the assassination of the LGBT rights activist Eric Ohena LEMBEMBE.

Full text of article available at link below –

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