Criminalize Hate Not HIV

Published: November 30, 2010

In preparation for World AIDS Day 2010, IPPF is continuing to shine the spotlight on the criminalization of HIV transmission and the human impact that this is having not only on individual lives around the world but on global HIV prevention and treatment efforts. Our ‘Criminalize Hate Not HIV’  campaign which was launched at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, July 2010 provides an opportunity for us all to become more conscious of the impact of criminalizing HIV transmission.

Some highlights include:

–          Behind Bars: an international collection of interviews published online that exposes the effect criminal laws on HIV transmission are having on people’s working and private lives.

The stories illustrate the personal and professional dilemmas faced by doctors, lawyers, parliamentarians, researchers and advocates; among them a doctor who was forced to aid a police investigation against her ethical principles, a woman living with HIV who prosecuted her former partner and a lawyer who advocated in an HIV transmission case.

 –          Criminalize Hate Not HIV: A short conscious raising campaign film that will go live on World AIDS Day.  It shows the humanness of sex, of relationships and of HIV. The people in the film are from many walks of life, are not professional actors, and many are living with HIV. It builds on IPPF’s Declaration of Sexual Rights and purposefully focuses on sex – irrespective of how, where, with whom and why people have sex.

 –          New and useful resources about the law, public health and human rights in the context of HIV.

Ways you can support the campaign and join the World AIDS Day activities:

 1.       Watch the Criminalize Hate Not HIV video (

In addition to English, the campaign videos are currently available in Arabic, French, Spanish and Swahili. Forthcoming languages include Hindi, Tamil, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and Swedish.

2.       Read the Behind Bars stories ( 

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