Get Involved in the Global Fund's COVID-19 Response Mechanism!

The COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) is the Global Fund’s response to COVID-19. All countries that currently have a Global Fund grant are eligible to apply for funding to help reduce the impact of COVID-19 on HIV, TB and malaria programs and support urgent improvements in health and community systems. MPact is working with INPUD, NSWP, GNP+, GATE, and the LAC Platform to ensure that key populations can access this important mechanism.

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“Community Engagement in Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) Funding Process”

Thursday, April 29th at 3 PM (15:00) CET

Gilles Cesari – Global Fund

Mick Matthews – NSWP
Johnny Tohme – MPACT
Anuar Luna Cadena – LAC Platform

MODERATOR: Erika Castellanos – GATE


Eligible investments in 2021 include:

  1. Actions to reinforce the response to COVID-19.
  2. Adapting HIV, TB, and Malaria programmes to COVID-19 context in countries.
  3. Strengthening health and community systems.

Why should Key Population’s get involved in the C19RM process?

COVID-19 has severely impacted key populations, limiting their access to essential HIV and harm reduction programs around the world that are not community-led.

Key populations have been denied access to social protection mechanisms and have struggled for food and shelter, experienced increased rates of stigma and discrimination and violence, and targeted by law enforcement including through evictions and being rounded up in ‘quarantine’ centers.

Key population-led groups fully stepped up during the pandemic, filling in the gaps of the health and social welfare systems, to ensure their communities survived. Therefore, it is critical that key populations are engaged in C19RM funding request development to ensure that community-led responses are funded to continue this work.

Global Fund COVID-19 Response Mechanism Guidelines calls for consultations with “civil society, key and vulnerable populations as well as communities, including those most severely affected by COVID-19” and you can refer your CCM to those guidelines if they question the need to consult key populations.

What Key Population organizations can do NOW

  1. Ask for a copy of the C19RM allocation letter sent to your country.
  2. Inform your CCM that your community would like to get involved in all C19RM-related consultations/dialogues.
  3. Request your CCM to submit the full funding request in the later Window Periods to allow for proper community input.
  4. If your CCM wants to urgently submit the funding request, because of the emergency in the country, request they split the submission. Submit first the fast-track request followed by the full request after transparent and meaningful consultations with key populations.
  5. Try to get involved in CCM-led situational and needs assessments and in all C19RM Country Dialogues. 6. Organize consultations in collaboration with other key populations or with your key population to provide input for the C19RM request.
  6. Document your needs, priorities, and recommendations in a proposal for inclusion to the C19RM funding request to your CCM and share with the global key population networks.
  7. Submit your proposal to your CCM, and publicly announce that you have submitted your communities’ priorities to the CCM.
  8. Ask that the key population CCM representatives do not sign the C19RM funding request if key populations have not been involved.

NOTE: You do not have to be a CCM member to get involved. If you are not a CCM member, get in contact with Key Population representatives in your CCM and request to get involved.

Download Our Full CR19M Guidelines in English

Téléchargez nos directives CR19M complètes en français

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