Compassionate Hooking

Published: April 8, 2013

Being an escort can become incredibly daunting at certain times. At least it did for me after I had been in this industry for about four years. But sometimes you have a client that can help you understand why you started doing this work in the first place. This happened to me a little after starting to feel like I didn’t want to hustle anymore.

I was traveling for work at the time, and got a call. The potential client was a little shy while speaking, as they often are. He immediately started asking me questions about if him being Latino was a problem for me. I am mixed race (mostly Japanese) and generally get read as Latino. So,it made me a little sad and incredibly pissed off that this guy had to worry about that when calling an escort. I told him that I’m not a bigoted escort. After we cleared that up, he asked me how I felt about him being in a wheelchair. I immediately told him that it is not an issue for me, either. Being a good escort is about making your clients feel good about themselves. Not about making them feel more insecure. Unless, that is what they are specifically asking you for, haha!

Unfortunately, this guy had probably had a lot of other escorts be incredibly rude to him because of his racial identity and disabled status. After, assuring him that none of these things bothered me, we set a date and time to meet up.

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