Columbus School District passes transgender policy

Lindsey Branwall
Original Article:

A second school district in our area is making transgender students feel a sense of belonging in athletics.

First, it was Baraboo in December, and on Monday, the Columbus School Board approved new athletic guidelines for transgender students.

"The board had an initial reading on those guidelines, and then this past Monday, had their final reading, final discussion. and then approved the policy," said Dr. Bryan Davis, the Columbus School District Superintendent.

Davis says the diversity conversation is spreading across the state, so they brought forth the idea of making sure transgendered students could be accepted and free to play sports.

It’s a core value of the Columbus School District is to be accepting and welcoming to each other.

Davis says they’re not even aware of any transgendered students in their district. This policy is all a proactive.

"So we don’t have to have a student and a parent come forward and be and feel slighted in some way, and feel awkward to have to bring this situation forward," said Davis.

Between reviewing WIAA guidelines, a similar policy Baraboo implemented in December and seeking legal council, they put together their transgender policy.

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