Columbus approves transgender policy

DAILY Citizen
Megan Sheridan
Original Article:

Students transitioning genders will now have clear guidelines for co-curricular participation in the Columbus School District. The board approved a policy at Monday night’s school board meeting.

The policy was approved unanimously with some discussion from the board.

Most recently, and receiving a significant amount of coverage from statewide media, Baraboo approved a co-curricular policy for its district. The Baraboo School District heard approximately two hours of testimony for and against the policy at its adoption which was a 4-3 vote.

Columbus’ policy is based on the policy approved by Baraboo in December. No one from the public came to speak for or against the policy at Columbus’ meeting.

School Board Member Cindy Damm asked whether the policy would cover students from other districts playing at Columbus’ facilities.

“We would hope that they would have such,” said Superintendent Bryan Davis. “That’s certainly something that we would work with other districts on if we were in that situation.”

The policy covers students transitioning from male to female (MTF) and female to male (FTM). Students that identify as MTF are not allowed to participate in girls’ sports unless they have had a minimum of a year of hormone suppression therapy. Students that identify as FTM cannot participate in girls’ sports once they start testosterone therapy.

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