Colombia: High School Students Speak About Sexual Diversity

Published: March 5, 2011

In Colombia, the government of Medellin has started a campaign to raise awareness on sexual diversity in high schools, and part of the campaign includes online videos of different students speaking about their experiences.

Take Isabela, for example: She’s been an advocate for herself since she had to speak to government authorities to intercede on her behalf and get her parents to support her decision to return to school not as a boy, as she had done to that moment, but as the girl she felt she was.  After that first hitch, she found that her school not only supported her decision but actually commended her for being true to herself.  She insists that although some students are hostile, she’s also found support and less harassment than she expected. However, she’s also had to knock some heads together to get the point across that she won’t stand for being abused or insulted.

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