China court hears its first case from gay man claiming workplace discrimination

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A court in China has heard the case of a man suing his company after allegedly being sacked because he was gay in what is probably the country’s first lawsuit over gay workplace discrimination.

"We’re very optimistic," Liu Xiaohu, a lawyer for the plaintiff told AFP news agency that reported “a Chinese court has heard what is believed to be the country’s first lawsuit over gay workplace discrimination.”

The plaintiff named “Mu” was fired after a video involuntarily outed him when it showed the Nanshan police dealing with a dispute between two gay males in the street. That video went viral on the web.

"During that time (when the video went viral) I was a total wreck. I couldn’t go out. I couldn’t answer the phone. I even lost my job," Mu told reporters, according to

Mu worked as the head of sales in a design company soon after the video went viral received a notice from his employers claiming that he did not follow the company dress code and that there were complaints about his service attitude. He was then fired.

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