Chelyabinsk: An anti-gay journalist apologizes… to gays ("scandalous" material used to promote web traffic)

Published: February 25, 2011

The reporter confessed he used homophobia as part as a strategy to increase traffic on his news portal

Chief Editor of the site UralDaily.Ru, Andrei Koretsky apologized to LGBT people for his past written homophobic articles. In his public apology, he called himself “a victim of marketing”, admitted that using insults against gays was a way to increase the traffic to his website and improve his revenues.

"Comrades gays, excuse me for the words faggots. There is a lot of homophobes, and I hoped that they would visit my site" said the statement posted on the site UralDaily.Ru on February 21.

"I am a victim of marketing, gentlemen. I had no money, but I wanted to create an online resource. And without money, one can only promote a site with scandals” admitted Koretsky.

"Excuse me for all those I offended. Give me a chance to work. I will not do it again" asked the reporter.

The journalist remains under investigation by the police after a criminal case for libel was opened against him for using “black PR” and denigrating local politicians and government officials in Chelyabinsk.

Full text of article available at link below –

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