Your Chance to be Heard on an International Stage!

MSMGF is excited to announce opportunities for ANYONE to tell their personal story.

MSMGF is excited to announce a video testimonial project and we encourage everyone to participate. As we move closer and closer to the High Level Meeting in New York and the International AIDS Conference in Durban we need your powerful voice to help keep the focus on the needs of gay, bisexual men and other men who have sex with men. We are inviting vocal, creative, influential individuals to help us ignite the excitement of the upcoming events by recording very short video that demonstrates your passion for the work you do.

Please help us by recording a very short video (1-2 minutes) on your computer or smart phone about why you think it is important that gay, bisexual men and other men who have sex with men must be a focal point in the HIV discussion. You can talk about specific issues in your region. You can use personal examples. You can record all or a portion of it in your native language.

If you want guidance, here are 3 example questions you may want to respond directly to:

  1. Why is it important to have a focus on gay men in global HIV response?
  2. What are the main barriers to comprehensive HIV prevention, care, and  treatment?
  3. Why is universal access to sexual healthcare important for gay, bisexual men and other men who have sex with men?

You may want to tie back to the pre-conference theme Action + Access: Rights and Demands of Gay and Bisexual Men in the Global HIV Response and talk about why that is important to you.

MSMGF’s theme in the global village is 10 years (B)old: Re-Gaying the Global HIV Response. Our social media hashtag is #HIVbold. You might want to speak to that or how you are bold in your own life and activism. A fourth question for your consideration:

4.Why is it especially important for gay and bisexual men to be bold now?

We are going to post these videos on our website and send them out in an email blast as well. So please use this opportunity to say what you want and get people excited about the conference and the pre-conference. Get fired up about fighting for the rights of MSM and other key populations. Make it your own! There is no due date but sooner is better. Aim for April 1st. We will be posting them regularly from now until the conference.

A few tips for a good quality video:

  • Good lighting. Front lighting is best and most flattering. Consider sitting opposite pa window
  • Try to keep the camera/phone at eye level
  • Clear sound is important. Speak loudly and clearly and try to minimize any background noise
  • Think about your background. Maybe you want a logo in the background. If not, a clean background is ideal so you are the focus.
  • Please introduce yourself and/or your organization and region
  • Rehearse a couple of times. We want these to seem natural—and please do not read from a script—speak from the heart—but have a few points you want to hit.
  • Be original!! There are no rules. We are just excited to have you participating!

When you are finished please email the MOV, MPG or MP4 file to

Here is my rather straight forward video to use as inspiration–but please do your own thing!


Also, the International AIDS Conference website has a featured section called Community Voices where individuals can share their truths leading up to the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa this July 16th through the 22nd. All you need to do is submit a draft to Kristina Collins ( and it will be reviewed and sent back to you for your final approval. Personal testimonies or stories of courage and/or activism work well. Alternatively you may just have a powerful story that you wish to share. It’s quite open-ended as you are welcome to share the stories that you want to tell. Please also send high res images or even short video clips! All are welcome to take part in this amazing exposure opportunity.


MSMGF has worked since 2006 to encourage targeted, tailored, better resourced, and rights-based sexual health services for gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) worldwide through its advocacy and technical support work. As a global network, MSMGF has successfully influenced HIV responses at the local level through shifts in global-level policies and has effectively utilized public health as an entry point for advancing the human rights of LGBT people. MSMGF currently supports programs in 15 countries.

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