CDC: HIV Killing Fewer Blacks

Michael Smith
Original Article:

The mortality rate among U.S. blacks living with HIV fell substantially from 2009 through 2012, the CDC is reporting.

The number of deaths fell 18% over that time and the mortality rate dropped 21% to 28% depending on how it was measured, the agency said in the Feb. 6 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Both the number of deaths and the mortality rates remained higher among blacks with HIV than among HIV-positive members of other racial and ethnic groups, although the gaps appear to be narrowing.

Racial and ethnic disparities have been a consistent feature of the HIV epidemic in the U.S., with blacks accounting for nearly half of all new diagnoses every year despite forming only 14% of the population.

And diagnoses have been increasing among some subgroups, including young black men who have sex with men.

The new data show that decreases in mortality in 2009 through 2012 were seen in all groups but were "greater and more consistent among blacks than among other races/ethnicities," according to the report.

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