MPact Global works to shape the global dialogue on MSM health and human rights by conducting targeted outreach to media and public forums. Coverage of MPact Global and MPact Global programs can be found on the MPact Global in the News page. In addition to promoting awareness and nuanced understanding through the press, MPact Global also issues periodic Community Updates to keep MSM advocates and service providers informed of the most recent developments in policy, funding, research, and programs.

No AIDS 2020 in Trump's USA

Sign onto the statement here **FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** Contact: Cecilia Chung +1.415.902.0216, Naina Khanna +1.510.681.1169, George Ayala +, BAY AREA, U.S. AND GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCATES

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Out With It 2018 Recap

Nearly 500 leaders and experts in the field of sexual health and human rights joined together for Out With It: Community Solutions for the Sexual

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Anal About My Health

MPact has teamed up with St James Infirmary and TrishTV for our #AnalAboutMyHealth campaign on sexual health featuring Bay Area drag performers sharing personal testimonials about their experiences with sexually transmitted

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