Caribbean overview: LGBT rights vs. anti-gay status quo

Published: August 13, 2013

The Trinidad newspaper Newsday provides these overviews of anti-gay protests, recent anti-gay violence, and gay-rights activism in Caribbean countries.  The overviews are part of an extensive article on the life and work of LGBT activist and Erasing 76 Crimes blogger Maurice Tomlinson.
The article includes Tomlinson’s view of Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, who proposed a parliamentary “conscience vote” on the country’s anti-sodomy law, but then decided not to do so:
“The Jamaica PM has been a disappointment. … The reality is that Jamaican LGBT will have to use the courts to gain our liberation as our Parliamentarians clearly lack the intestinal fortitude to show leadership on this issue.”
Tomlinson’s court challenges seeking to overturn restrictions in Belize and in Trinidad & Tobago against travel there by homosexuals:
The cases …  stem from his refusal to lie about his sexuality, after he had declined invitations to conduct training and sensitization sessions regarding the rights of individuals infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in Belize in January 2013 and invitations in December 2012 by the United Nations Population Fund to participate in a HIV workshop, and a CARICOM conference on human rights.
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