Caribbean nations are abuzz with LGBT news

Published: November 20, 2013

The LGBT-focused International Resource Network published a useful compilation of LGBT news from the Caribbean last week, including these items from Guyana, Belize, Jamaica and Trinidad.

An editorial in the Kaieteur News of Guyana speaks to “The Plight of the Homosexuals” …
Recently, a local group, SASOD [the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination], published the findings on the treatment of gays in the Caribbean. Guyana is featured prominently. Indeed, policemen have been known to take a course of action when the matter involves gays, sometimes in a manner that would make the most ardent jurist blush.
But it is the action of the church that must come under scrutiny. To discriminate against gays is to do exactly what the Lord does not advocate. Church members believe that homosexuality is a new phenomenon when in fact it is as old as mankind. The church believes that homosexuals are wicked when scientists say that they are just another group of people in the human chain.
… while a BBC documentary (first aired 9 November, 2013) addresses Jamaica’s Gay Divide.

Full text of article available at link below –

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