Canterbury uni, KCC launch campaign to stop HIV cases increase

Published: November 11, 2014

Original Article:

Kent County Council (KCC) has partnered up with Canterbury Christ Church University to launch “It’s Better to Know”, a campaign to stop the rise in the number HIV cases in the region.

The campaign was launched after it was revealed that Kent has seen a consistent increase in the diagnosis of HIV cases in people aged 15 to 69 over the past 4 years.
According to researchers, half of the cases were diagnosed in the later stages of the disease.

“The number of cases of HIV in Kent is rising and we know that part of the reason is because of late diagnosis,” KCC Public Health Consultant, Faiza Khan said.

“More heterosexuals were diagnosed with HIV in Kent and Medway in our study than men who have sex with men (135 versus 88), but more worrying is the fact that heterosexuals, both males and females, are more likely to be diagnosed later with HIV than members of the ‘better informed’ gay community, often because they, and many healthcare professionals still associate HIV with gay men, intravenous drug users and sex workers.”

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