Can gay men involved in HIV work ever imagine using PrEP? (Part one)

Published: July 3, 2013

In this article, I focus on whether gay men involved in HIV could ever imagine using PrEP. In my next article, I will focus on their concerns and hopes for PrEP. This article presents gay men’s opinions about PrEP. It does not claim to present facts about PrEP. As such, factual errors might be included in the opinions expressed, so check out the resources listed at the end of the article for more information about PrEP.
What do gay men involved in HIV-related work think about PrEP? Can they ever imagine using PrEP? What is their greatest concern about PrEP? Their greatest hope?
I approached HIV-positive and HIV-negative gay men involved in HIV-related work to find out.
These are all gay men that I know, so they are mostly from Canada. Many people would have different answers, I imagine—gay men in other countries, gay men who are not involved in HIV, and people other than gay men. But since the guys I asked are more likely than most to know about PrEP, I was curious to know their thoughts.
I was quite amazed at the response—half of the 60 people I approached responded to my brief three-question online survey, including 17 HIV-negative guys and 13 HIV-positive guys. I told them they could respond anonymously or let me know that they had responded to the survey. Among the 30 guys who responded, 20 agreed to have their names mentioned (see below). I have no way of knowing who wrote what unless they included identifying information, which in any case I have removed from this article.
Thank you to the following 20 guys for responding to the survey, and to the other 10 gay men who participated anonymously. I’m honoured by your willingness to share your thoughts and experiences.

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