Campaign launched to fight LGBT workplace discrimination in Singapore

Published: November 18, 2013

A new campaign titled "Stop Hurting. Quit Labelling" was launched last Friday. The campaign hopes to raise US$30,000 for Lawrence Wee Kim San who has applied to the High Court to declare that the Constitution’s Article 12 will provide protection against discrimination on the grounds of gender and sexual orientation in addition to religion, race, descent or place of birth which are already provided for, according to a media release provided to Fridae. As of Monday, US$1,245 has been raised.
Fridae had earlier reported that the application was made on 23 August 2013 by Wee who is represented by human rights lawyer M Ravi. In the application, the 40-year-old described the biased and prejudiced treatment he faced at the workplace – where he had worked from 2006 to August 2012 – as a result of his sexual orientation. He  said that his only wish was to be “allowed to prove my worth at work, without fear that an immutable characteristic of mine becomes a millstone around my neck”.

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