Cameroon police entrap gay men to extort bribes

Colin Stewart
Original Article:

The prospect of getting a bribe is a strong motivation for Cameroon police and prosecutors in their dealings with men who are suspected of being gay.

That was demonstrated in a recent case involving a 21-year-old university student known as C., who was lured to a meeting with a police informer, arrested, subjected to an anal exam, then urged to pay a bribe in exchange for his release.

In the process, police acted as though homosexuality is against the law in Cameroon, which it is not. Only homosexual relations are outlawed, not the fact of being attracted to people of the same sex. But the police never accused C. of having illegal same-sex relations.

C.’s problems began in November after police arrested another young man, A.H., age 22, who, like C., is a student at the University of Yaounde I. Police seized A.H.’s telephone and began using his contacts to seek other people to accuse of homosexuality. The case of A.H. was described in the article “Accuser relents, but police won’t free alleged gay man” in this blog.

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