Cameroon: New arrest of persons suspected of being homosexual

Published: August 29, 2011

The city of Yaounde once again made the news today with a new arrest of persons suspected of being homosexual. Press Release from Alternatives Cameroun

The organization Alternatives Cameroon was informed yesterday of the arrest of four cameroonians for the crime of homosexuality in the city of Yaounde (Cameroon).

Joseph Magloire O (46 years old), Yvan Nicolas N (18 years old), Seraphin Sylvain Nt (34 years old) and Emma L .T (17 years old) were arrested at the Fouda quarter in Yaounde since August 10, 2011. They were remanded in custody at the “gendarmerie du Lac” of Yaounde for three weeks and were presented in front the judge on Friday 26th August 2011 for the allegation of: Homosexuality and indecent assault of a minor. They were remanded at the central prison of Yaounde
(Kondengui) by the judge the same Friday 26th August 2011.

Alternatives-Cameroon once again:

– Denounces the instrumentalization of article 347 bis which leads to the madness of repressive Cameroonian citizens on the basis of their sexual orientation real or perceive;

– Asks the authority of the Central prison of Yaounde (Kondengui) to offer to one of the four suspected homosexuals a medical care for his HIV infection and to find suitable conditions of detention for the two other young men;

– Call again the Cameroonian government to stop these wild arrests based on the sexual orientation real or perceive of individuals;

– Call once again to the repeal of the article 347 bis of the Cameroonian penal code which criminalize homosexuality.

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