Cameroon – Appalling Global Fund Review

Published: January 23, 2014

The agency responsible for funding HIV prevention programs for key population groups in Cameroon receives an unacceptable grade from the Global Fund.

I have been observing the funding for key population groups in Cameroon by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund) since the death of Eric Lembembé last fall. I found and revealed the funding mechanism and some of the dreadful details at that time so that all associations, key population groups and agencies were informed.
It’s important that the Global Fund knows it is being monitored to see how the Principal Recipient treat key populations including gays, MSM (men who have sex with men), and sex workers, among other groups. To view my report from last fall, see:
An assessment was promised by the Global Fund for the end of the year. I found it and I’m troubled that the most recent performance appraisal dated December 17, 2013 for the Cameroon National Association for Family Welfare (CAMNAFAW) received yet another grade C–unacceptable by the Global Fund for project CMR-011-G10-H.  You may download the Grant Performance Report here:
CAMNAFAW is the Principal Recipient (PR) that receives this grant’s funding.  It should, in theory, provide AIDS prevention funding and training to key populations groups or most vulnerable populations with the primary goal of this grant being to reduce new infections among these key populations. In Cameroon, some 50 groups and associations were identified as serving key populations groups, 14 of these groups are working with gay communities.
The report provides some revealing details at page 20, the cumulative progress to December, 2013. It reveals that:
••      No condoms were distributed to key populations;
••      None of the projected 194 peer educators received any training;
••      There were no results for the six (6) other indicators of activities among key populations.
And so once again, none of the promised programs have been implemented by CAMNAFAW. Groups on the ground are still waiting for adequate funding of prevention programs targeting key populations.
But CAMNAFAW did receive a lot of money.  On page 22, the report shows that even with an unacceptable rating, the most recent payment of 232,172 EUR was to be made January 1, 2014, according to the budget. But on page 25 of the report, we learn that the grant on 1 January 2014 was only 126,378 EUR as available funds had not been spent.
The data on page 23 confirms CAMNAFAW did not spend the amount available to accomplish its goals. As predicted in my report of November 8, 2013, there was an excessive expense for human resources amounting to 32,005 EUR. Spending an excess on salaries when projects get inadequate funding is simply shameful! It remains that the excess salary money is almost double the amount received by the key populations groups for the latest six-month period. These 50 groups shared only €18,294 for the six months to December 2013. This amounted to a scandalous € 14 per week for each group.
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