Cameron's 'gay witch-hunt' fears

Published: November 8, 2012

Rumours which the prime minister was confronted with on ITV’s daytime sofa this morning.

David Cameron was clearly not impressed when Philip Schofield presented him with a card on which he had written down a string of names of politicians he’d found linked to child abuse after what he described as a three minute search on the internet.

The PM’s aides called it "a silly stunt" – a stunt which could lead to legal action against ITV since you could read the names if you tried very very hard and had the right technology. The BBC has now blurred the pictures when using them.

It’s true that it doesn’t take long to find names – but not evidence or even allegations made by their alleged victims. In our age, it is possible to instantly find names of people linked maliciously to every sort of crime and misdemeanour.

But why did the prime minister speak of his concerns about a possible witch-hunt against gay people in particular?

His aides say that he is disgusted by the online recycling of decades-old gossip about whether some politicians are covering up the fact they’re gay, which is now being linked with the grave and unrelated crime of being a paedophile.

Today’s row was triggered by the allegation that a Conservative politician from the Thatcher era was one of the abusers of children at this North Wales children’s home – an allegation now being examined by the judge who has been appointed to review the Waterhouse inquiry into what happened there.

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