Calling the Prevention Community: The UNAIDS targeting process needs all hands on deck

Published: November 13, 2014

Original Article:

Today UNAIDS hosted a webinar to describe and discuss its proposed prevention targets. These have been developed to complement the 90-90-90 target which seeks to have 90 percent of people with HIV know their status, access antiretroviral therapy (ART) and achieve virologic suppression by 2020. 90-90-90 is, of course, a combination treatment and prevention target since virologic suppression reduces the risk of HIV transmission. But AIDS advocates have been asking for targets with similar specificity and ambition for non-ART prevention—including attention to stigma, discrimination and criminalization, since rights-based delivery of services is absolutely essential.

UNAIDS has released both a prevention target draft and a draft of non-discrimination targets. Together, these two documents are the beginning of what a comprehensive response, complementing 90-90-90 could look like. But, as we describe below, there is still a pressing need to review and clearly articulate the rationale for the specific targets being laid out—particularly in the HIV prevention target draft. This is because the prevention target draft has a narrower set of possible objective than the non-discrimination target draft, which lays out two broad approaches to setting these targets—and invites input on the overall strategy.

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