Bulgaria Pride 2010 Celebrates Love, Equality and Diversity Free from Threatened Anti-LGBT Violence

Published: June 29, 2010

After facing considerable opposition in their attempts to hold a Pride March in Sofia over the past two years, LGBT activists exercised their human rights for a third time at this year’s 2010 Pride March, themed "Love Equality, Embrace Diversity." Months before Pride, on March 20 2010, skinheads attacked a peaceful protest by six LGBT activists in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. While police prevented them from severely harming the activists, several were injured, and the skinheads continued to yell offensive slogans such as "Out of Pazardzhik" and "Go to Uganda, freaks." In addition to attacks against LGBT citizens, neo-Nazis and far-right groups are reported to have attacked other peaceful protesters and individuals at three separate instances in the month of June alone.

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