Bryansk official warned on privacy breach of underage lesbian schoolgirl

Published: June 5, 2014

Office of Public Prosecutor passed a resolution that Dyatkovo district administration deputy head Elena Krivtsova has wrongfully disclosed the full name of a 14 year old lesbian schoolgirl to mass media, and thus commited a privacy breach. In February 2014 the girl from Bryansk region was warned by the local Commission on Affairs of Minors and Protection of their Rights citing the gay propaganda to minors ban law. This was the first known case in Russia of accusing a teenager for ‘promoting homosexuality’ to peers.  Following the media outcry, the warning was withdrawn.

In an interview the deputy head of the Dyatkovo district administration Elena Krivtsova reported the full name of the schoolgirl to “” publication. Journalist Anastasia Berseneva noticed that “Krivtsova immediately disclosed the first and last names of the schoolgirl, and this is what members of [Deti 404] LGBT children support group did not do”, BryanskToday reports.

However, the official herself has claimed she did not reveal any personal data. Elena Krivtsova is the chairman of the commission, which issued a resolution to put the openly lesbian schoolgirl “on control.”

Following the incident, United Russia MP Olga Batalina wrote a letter to the Ministry of Education asking to provide clear instructions for local Commissions on Affairs of Minors for practical application of the gay propaganda to minors ban law. Batalina claimed that Bryansk region Commission went beyond its authority when it has issued a resolution to warn and put a gay teen “under control”.

According to the editor of the “Dyatkovsky Vestnik” newspaper Igor Statychnyuk, the local prosecutor initially was reluctant to clearly react to the violation of the law by the deputy head. However, after Igor visited the reception office of ??the prosecutor, the case was put forward.

Prosecutors contacted the “Gazeta.Ru” journalist and got a recorded voice conversation. After that, it became clear that the official has really disclosed the personal data of the child.  By the way, Krivtsova previously headed the district department of education.

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