Bisexuals Seek Visibility

Published: October 29, 2014

Original Article:

Bisexuals are under-represented, misunderstood and face discrimination from both within the LGBTI community and the wider society and therefore need specific focus within ILGA to neutralise these problems. This coalesces the argument for a bisexual secretariat within the global network of the International Lesbian Gay Association.

The bisexual pre-conference at the 2014 Mexico meeting sought to share the challenges of bisexual people and develop concrete measures to share in wider conference space. Participants fluctuated between exchanging stories of personal struggle, sharing successful programmes targeted at bisexuals and reaching consensus on how bisexuals are seen and heard in ILGA.

Greedy, indecisive, selfish are some of the words used to describe bisexual people, the meeting heard and bisexuality is seen as a sexual practice not an emotional connection, as the action of persons “in conversion” from heterosexuality, as a means of hiding one’s true sexual identity to avoid discrimination and even as fashionably sexual expression.

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