[Behavioral characteristics of men who have sex with men with sadomasochism associated with bleeding.]

Published: February 1, 2010


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the behavioral characteristics of men who have sex with men (MSM)with sadomasochism associated bleeding and to analyze the relationship with HIV/AIDS high risk behavior.

METHODS: Using modified snowball sampling methods (target sampling methods) to carry out a cross-sectional study on persons with behavior of sadomasochism that associated with bleeding in MSM, using a valid questionnaire. Another control group without the related behavior was set up. SPSS 13.0 was used.

RESULTS: People practicing sadomasochism associated with bleeding had higher percentage in the following indicators: number of accumulated same gender sexual partners (median = 20), anal intercourse (median = 10), oral intercourse (median = 10), hand intercourse (median = 15) with same gender sexual partners, number of same gender sexual partners in the previous six months (median = 4), numbers of anal intercourse (median = 3), hand intercourse (median = 3), were more than in the control group. People with sadomasochism associated bleeding had higher rates in the following behaviors: condom was ever broken or slipped in the previous six months (22.6%), suffering from disease of sexual transmitted infections (28.0%), involving in group-sex intercourse (34.8%), having sex with same sex strangers at the place for MSM in the previous six months (62.2%), ever having initiative or passive behavior of oral-anal sex (64.0%), fist-sex (18.9%), finger-sex (66.7%), bleeding during sexual intercourse(58.3%), first coition object was pupil (33.8%), having strong suicide attempts (33.3%) and suicide attempt (23.6%) etc. were more than in the control group.

CONCLUSION: MSM who had the behavior of sadomasochism which associated with bleeding had the higher percentage of HIV/AIDS high risk behaviors than the persons without those behaviors. The latter group called for special concern on interventions.

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