Auraeus Solito on his Boy

Published: April 17, 2009

Auraeus Solito on his Boy

Fridae speaks with Filipino director Auraeus Solito whose latest film Boy, which is meant to have its world premiere in Singapore this weekend, has been disallowed for "normalising homosexuality."

Auraeus Solito’s Boy is one of two films scheduled to be screened at the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival banned by the censors for "normalising" homosexuality and a "prolonged and explicit" homosexual scene which was filmed in a "romanticised manner." The only other film that was been disallowed is Shahida (Brides of Allah), a documentary by Israeli Natalie Assouline, for its pro-terrorism stance. Four additional films have been withdrawn; two of which, Females Games (by Kan Lume, Singapore) and Blind Pig Who Wants To Fly (by Edwin, Indonesia) were passed with edits for prolonged and explicit lesbian sex and for prolonged homosexual sex respectively. The festival has a no-cut screening policy.

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