Attention: All Latin@ Immigrants Living With HIV/AIDS!

Marco Castro-Bojorquez
Original Article:

If you are a Latin@ immigrant, living with HIV in the U.S., we invite you to join us in creating a new national network of Latin@ immigrants living with HIV.

The 1983 Denver Principles, the foundation of the people with HIV self-empowerment movement, advise us that, as people living with HIV, it is urgent that we form caucuses to define our own agenda, select our own leaders and advocate for our community.

We know HIV disproportionately affects both the Latin@ and immigrant communities. Where past efforts have focused on select aspects of our identity, this network would bring to the forefront a culturally relevant approach — an intersectional view of Latin@ immigrants. If we do not do this, others, who may or may not understand the challenges or opportunities we face, will speak for us. It is time we speak for ourselves.

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