Assaults in Tunisia: 'daily violence remains unpunished'

Colin Stewart
Original Article:

Two members of the activist organization Chouf of lesbian, bisexual and trans Tunisians fighting discrimination against women were the targets of assaults  in recent weeks. Chouf issued this statement:

In only one week, two friends and members of Chouf were horrifically attacked. One of the members of our office was raped by a man who threatened her with a knife to her throat, and another member was beaten by a group of men because of her sexual orientation. The attackers asked her to “show how she could fight if she wanted to marry a woman.”

Confronted with the inhumanity of such acts of barbarism, no words are able to express what we feel. Anger, rage and indignation are empty words about the feelings within us.

We are denied our ability to live in security, in public and private spaces without being in danger. The violence we are facing every day remains unpunished. Assaults and harassment we suffer are realizing the negation of our beings and our identities. We are refused the right to be ourselves, we are denied the right to be women.

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