As It Was … My Abduction (By Nikolai Alekseev)

Published: September 18, 2010

 MOSCOW, September 18, 2010  –  On September 15 nothing could have prepared me for what happened over the next three days.  Before flying out, I visited the offices of the provider that hosts our servers for GayRussia.Ru to pay our bills for September and October.  Since I was already there on Kropotkinskaya Street, I met up with Lesha [Alexei] Davydov and his friend Misha in order to discuss the preparations for our Tuesday picket against Moscow mayor Luzhkov.   I myself had to fly to Switzerland and was planning to return on Monday evening.

From Kropotkinskaya Street we quickly reached the Paveletsky train station, where the guys put me on the aeroexpress to Domodedovo Airport, where I arrived around 4:45pm.  From there everything went smoothly.  After getting my boarding pass to Geneva and an invitation to the business-class waiting area for Swiss Air Lines, I dropped off my luggage at the business-class counter, after which I went up to the second floor of the terminal.

I immediately want to counter any rumours that I fly VIP: this is not the case.  And I was supposed to be flying economy-class to Geneva that day.  Because I fly so much, my frequent flier miles afford me certain privileges.

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