Around 3,750 HIV/AIDS cases in Lebanon

Published: December 2, 2014

Kareem Shaheen
Original Article:

BEIRUT: Lebanon has roughly 3,750 patients with HIV/AIDS, new figures released Monday by health officials show, in a rare detailed glimpse into the disease in the country.

“As we support those who live with HIV and who need treatment, we consider them a fundamental element in our success and their responsiveness to treatment is evidence of this success,” said Mustafa al-Naqib, the head of the Health Ministry’s National Program to Combat HIV, at a news conference marking World AIDS day.

In addition, just over one-third of patients report contracting the illness after homosexual intercourse, followed by 23 percent heterosexual. But nearly 39 percent did not specify the type of sexual activity they engaged in, which Naqib also said is likely due to the stigma attached to homosexuality in Lebanon.

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