APPLY NOW: Seeking Consultant for Agenda 2030 Advocacy Campaign

FSP/PITCH Advocacy Campaign for “Committing to Ending AIDS and Leaving No PLHIV and KP Behind”

 Consultancy Terms of Reference

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1. Background 

PITCH is a five-year programme based on a global Theory of Change which focuses on 9 countries (Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zimbabwe), two regions (Southern Africa and Eastern Europe/Central Asia) and global policy, and works with most affected communities (sex workers, people who use drugs, men who have sex with men and transgender people, and adolescent girls and young women).

PITCH is a strategic partnership between Aidsfonds, Frontline AIDS and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs working with those most affected by HIV in enabling these groups to transform (inter)national HIV responses by strengthening their advocacy skills and capacities and promoting innovative evidence-informed practice.

For five years (2016-20), these partners will jointly work towards ending the AIDS epidemic in the regions and countries most affected by HIV through an inclusive, in-country, in-depth approach to international lobby and advocacy. The goals of PITCH are:

  • Equal access to HIV-related services
  • Sexual and reproductive health and rights for those most affected
  • Equal and full rights for key populations
  • Strong civil society organisations are successful HIV advocates.

The Free Space Process (FSP) partnership brings together 11 international civil society, key population networks, and network organizations in an effort to proactively coordinate and collaborate on joint advocacy. FSP provides a “free space” for partners to discuss and work on common strategic policy and aims to maximize dynamic, experienced, and well-connected advocacy for greater effect and combined policy impact. FSP is composed by global networks of people living with HIV (GNP+), gay men and other men who have sex with men (MPact Global Action for Gay Men’s Health and Rights), sex workers (the Global Network of Sex Work Projects), people who use drugs (International Network of People who Use Drugs), and allied HIV civil society organizations (the International Council of AIDS Services Organizations, Aidsfonds, the World Council of Churches-Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, HIV Young Leader Fund and Frontline AIDS)

FSP and PITCH seek to hire a consultant to support the development and implementation of Phase I of the campaign: “Committing to Ending AIDS as an Integral Component of Agenda 2030” in 2019. This campaign will contribute to the work of PITCH and FSP and will be developed jointly, with the support of the consultant.

See the Concept Note for more information about the campaign.

2. Objectives

 The FSP/PITCH campaign Phase 1 will run from April to October 2019.

AIM: What is the focus of the campaign and why?

  • HIV must remain a priority in (global and national) discussions, commitments, and processes reaffirming the 2030 Agenda with a particular focus on leaving no one behind.
  • FSP and PITCH partners will collectively agree upon the specific policy outcome focus.

OBJECTIVES: What we want to achieve with the campaign:

  • Increased profile of HIV and the needs of key populations and other affected groups at discussions on SDG implementation, including:
  • During thematic sessions on Goal 10, Goal 16, and Goal 17 at the July HLPF.
  • Within the Political Declaration to be adopted at the end of the SDG Summit.
  • Within the Political Declaration to be adopted at the end of the UHC HLM.
  • Within national commitments to SDG implementation and affirming the 2030 Agenda (to be announced at the conclusion of the SDG Summit).
  • Commitment from UNAIDS and Co-Sponsors to address punitive laws and enabling environment in programs in the HIV response.

What are the proposed messages that the campaign should definitely include?

  • HIV-related stigma and discrimination leaves people behind.
  • Discriminatory and punitive laws delay the realisation of the right to the highest attainable standard of health for PLHIV and KPs.
  • Communities must have an enabling environment to help in the implementation of SDGs, including the ability to hold governments accountable.
  • Realizing human rights across all the SDGs in addition to ensuring access to quality health services is essential to ending AIDS.
  • Robust and sustainable funding for the HIV response, including for community action and key population-led organizations, must remain a top priority for donors.

3. Scope of Work

The consultant will be responsible for the following aspects of the campaign:

  1. Supporting the development of key campaign messages developed by FSP partners and PITCH country focal points and in-country counterpart.
  2. Mapping of partners, Member States, UN agencies, and other stakeholders to target and engage during the campaign.
  3. Supporting the FSP/PITCH campaign committee to develop an advocacy campaign approach to deliver the campaign objectives.
  4. Support the development of campaign tools visuals and other materials to deliver the campaign.
  5. Support FSP/PITCH campaign committee to evaluate the progress achieved as a result of the campaign Phase 1 in October 2019. 

4. Timeline

8 March                       Sharing of call for consultants

18 March                    Deadline for submission of letters of interest/CV/budget

20 March                    Selection of consultant

26 March                    Start of consultancy and participation at the PITCH policy summit, Kyiv

27-28 March               Development of campaign approach

April                             Development of campaign materials

May- September         Attendance at several of the key events happening

October                       Evaluation of campaign 

5. Experience and skills

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills and competencies:

  1. Strong expertise in supporting organisations with designing, implementing, and evaluating advocacy campaigns across multiple contexts, channels (offline and online) stakeholders and influence levels;
  2. Experience with working with designer and communication focal point to develop briefs for guiding visuals for campaigns;
  3. Experience working with the key populations of PITCH (sex workers, people who use drugs, LGBT and adolescent girls and young women);
  4. Knowledge of HIV/AIDS and the main stakeholders in the global and regional HIV response;
  5. Familiarity with the 2030 Agenda and SDGs;
  6. Knowledge of international development aid movements;
  7. Flexibility and experience working with participants from different cultural backgrounds and languages;
  8. Full proficiency in English is required.

6. Budget

Budgets should be submitted in Euros. The maximum available budget for this call for consultants is up to 18 days. Any necessary travel will be provided for attending key events/meetings.

7. Contact

CVs, letters of interest, including budgets are due by 5:30pm (CET) on 18 March 2019. They should be submitted to: Renee Groen at

 Consultancy Terms of Reference

Download the full Concept Note