Anti-gay mob beat 7 men; probe faults Nigerian response

Published: January 29, 2013

(Photos from the investigatory report that were originally published with this article have been removed at the request of local LGBT activists. The reason: A goal of this blog is to serve as a place where such activists can tell their stories, which requires respecting their opinions and sensitivities.)

Human rights activists who investigated reports of gay men being seized, stripped and beaten by a mob in eastern Nigeria earlier this month concluded that the incident was worse than many online reports stated, though it was not a “lynching,” as some had said.

A two-person investigatory team also concluded that, because of police inaction, the perpetrators of the anti-gay violence suffered no consequences for their acts.

Several online accounts had said that three men were seized and assaulted by a mob, but the investigators concluded that the number was greater:

    Seven men accused of being homosexuals were rounded up by a group of youths, “stripped naked and paraded before the community, … beaten and tortured” on Jan. 12, 2013, in Ekwe community in Imo state.

The investigators faulted police for not taking action against the perpetrators, but only intervening to rescue the victims.

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