Anti-gay Jamaican police must end their hostile acts

Published: October 16, 2013

 Today my colleague Anika Gray went to the New Kingston police station with some homeless MSM (men who have sex with men) to report ongoing attacks they have experienced. These violations include police officers allegedly going to the gully where these men have been forced to live and burning all their belongings last night.

Anika says she was shocked at the hostility the police displayed towards these men, three of whom were brave enough to show up at the station today. The police flatly refused to take the report of the alleged attack by the other officers last night, stating that this had to be handled by the Independent Commission (INDECOM). The inspector in charge of the station accused Anika (who is very slim) of assaulting him because she gesticulated with her hands(!)
After taking the reports of two of the men, the police declared that they could provide no assistance because the men could not provide the NAMES and ADDRESSES of their attackers(!) This is the usual lie spun by police intent on dismissing anything to do with anti-gay attacks.
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