Angola: Invisible and vulnerable

Published: June 19, 2008

Angola: Invisible and vulnerable

LUANDA, 19 June 2008 (PlusNews) – It was a wedding that pulled out all the stops, including a party at the Marine Club on the island of Luanda and a five-star nuptial night at the Hotel Presidente Meridien.

The ceremony didn’t go unnoticed by Angola’s newspapers. “Shameless,” screamed the cover of one of the country’s weekly news magazines. “Abominable,” read the headline of another.

Angolan couple, Bruna and Chano paid a high price for making their homosexual relationship public.

The two young men met when they were both living in the Luanda neighbourhood of Bês. After seeing each other for three and a half years, they decided to hold a ceremony to make their relationship feel official, although doing so legally was not an option.

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