Andrew's Anus and the Quack [a LifeLube exclusive – Part 3 in a series]

Published: February 22, 2011

Last week I talked about Andy’s foray into urban life and how he found out I had HPV. Things hadn’t worked out on the coast, and as we headed home he wondered if he had AIDS, and I worried about how we were going to deal with my warts.

I’m Andrew’s anus – that last inch and a half or so of his digestive tract connecting his rectum with the outside world.

Andy had a hella hard time finding competent treatment for me then, and I’m sorry to tell you he still does today.

It was 1987 and finding a job with benefits was Andy’s top priority.  Fortunately, his work experience got respect in his home town and in no time he started with a temporary agency. Just when he least expected it, his assignment with a large firm turned into a solid full time job.

Corporate America had just started smarting from the cost of health insurance.  Because of this, PPOs (preferred provider organizations) were hot, but the newest kid on the block was the HMO, or health maintenance organization. Supposedly designed to promote prevention and cost savings, HMOs strictly limited where employees could get care and contracted providers at a flat “per insured” rate. Andy attended a meeting where it was announced that his company was going that route.

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