And…Cut! A double circumcision story

Original Article:

Circumcision is a controversial topic. Pros and cons exist for men who are cut, and men who are not.

In 2007, I decided to get cut. I had a number of reasons, amongst them that I prefer the way cut dicks look, personal hygiene, and that I’d heard that I would have 60% less chance of contracting HIV, should I ever have unprotected sex.

I had inherited some money after two of my grandparents had died, and I decided to use it for the procedure. As I wanted to do it properly, I asked around and got the number of a reputable urologist in Cape Town. His receptionist told me that he was fully booked until the end of the year, but recommended another urologist who shared the premises. He was suspiciously available for the whole of the following week. I should have seen the red flag.

I met him, we seemed to be on the same page, and he appeared decent enough, so I felt no reservations about him doing renovations on my manhood. I had requested that he not make the procedure too “tight”, and that he leave me some “give”, because I had heard (from a good friend) that it was better that way. “No problem”, he replied, and in a flash I was in the hospital to become a cabriolet model.

When I came to I was still numb but able to walk out of the surgery. As I gathered my things and settled the R12,000 bill, the urologist told me that I had provided him and the nurses with much entertainment, after he had given me a Dormicum injection.

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