[Analysis on the intention of marriage and the influence factors among unmarried men who have sex with men].

Published: October 1, 2012


To understand the intention on marriage and the related influence factors among men who have sex with men (MSM).

Using the snowball sampling method, an anonymous questionnaire survey was achieved by recruiting MSM.

A total number of 308 people were included in this survey, the numbers of ‘planning to get married’ was 34.4%, intended not to get married accounted for 65.6%;and the average age of intending to marry was (28.1 ± 3.3) years old. The intended marriage partners were ordinary women accounted for 83.8%, while another 16.2% were lesbians. Reasons for getting married were under social pressure (65.1%), under family pressure (12.3%), and undr personal desire (22.6%). Those who intended to remain contact with gay after marriage accounted for 66.7%, with 16.2% did not and those were not sure accounted for 17.1%. Using the multivariate analysis method, results showed that the independent factors for intention of marriage were: age, sexual orientation, registration for residency, cumulative numbers of regular sexual partners, number of anal sex in the last week, proportion of intention to get married was relatively low among those who were over 35 years of age and their residence of registration were in the city. However those who were bisexual, with uncertain sexual orientation, and with low cumulative numbers of regular sexual partners as well as less anal sex in the past week, occupied higher proportions.

MSM population under our current study showed a high percentage on marriage intention which posed serious challenges to the society and families. AIDS prevention on this population seemed to be impacted by demographic characteristics and sexual behavior.

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