AMSHeR Quarterly Newsletter, August – October

Published: November 9, 2012


As the year 2012 draws to a close, and if you are indeed reading this, we at AMSHeR would like to thank you for your continued commitment to us and our cause. We would like to continue to improve our newsletter and it is in this regard that would like you to complete a survey we will be sending to you within the next two weeks, to enable us tailor the news we share with you to your interests.

AMSHeR would like to commend the National AIDS Control Council of Kenya for giving David Kuria, an openly gay man an award for “Outstanding contribution to Key Populations and HIV.” The award was in the context of the first ever National symposium on HIV, Law and Human Rights, in Kenya -Nairobi 2012. By giving out this inaugural award to a person of by background in HIV/AIDS and LGBT Rights advocacy and, NACC demonstrated its commitment to working with and for members of Key Populations, including gay men and other men who have sex with men [MSM], injecting drug users and sex workersin Kenya.

We participated in the sessions of the UN Human Rights Council and was on a Panel discussing the Traditional Values Resolution which Russia is pushing through at the UN. The resolution, which calls for the interpretation of human rights on the basis of ‘traditional values’ , an interpretation which has been criticised as encouraging. LGBTI rights for instance would move from being human rights oriented and become a moral issue. Moreover, because ‘traditional values’ differ from society to society, they could never be universally agreed upon and applied as a standard. Indeed, the resolution is adopted threatens to put the UN on a relativist position to human rights.

Lastly, AMSHeR held a Roundtable for members of National Human Rights Institutions [NHRIs], National AIDS Councils [NACs] and other key national stakeholders from nine francophone countries on Sexuality, Human Rights and HIV. This Roundtable was aimed at strengthening the capacity of NHRIs, civil society organisations [CSOs], national AIDS councils [NACs] and other stakeholders to understand issues of human sexualities in the context of human rights protection and HIV prevention.A similar meeting held in Dakar, Senegal earlier in the year brought together about 40 stakeholders from 8 Anglophone countries in April 2012. As a precursor to the 52nd session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, AMSHeR organised a meeting of activists involved in regional advocacy on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity to reflect on strategies and opportunities for advancing the protection of LGBTI persons in Africa through the African Commission.

Now for a snapshot of AMSHeR member news as well as MSM, LGBTI, HIV, law and human rights news that was, in the second quarter (August – October)of our year.

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