All Things MSM and TG at 10th ICAAP

Published: July 27, 2011

Programing related to men who sex with men and transgender people as of the 10th ICAAP
Official Programme on 27 July 2011 (subject to change)
Community Forum (Pre-Congress)

Getting to Zero: The forces driving HIV among MSM and
transgender people in Asia Pacific
11.00 APCOM Plenary Welcome
11.10 HIV and syndemic issues: increasing risk and vulnerabilities
11.40 HIV and the law – MSM/TG – follow-up progress on
Global Commission
11.50 Universal Access and MSM/TG – follow up HLM
12.00 Breakout Session 1 Sub-regional groups:
Australasia ISEAN
China Pacific
DAN South Asia
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Plenary Call to action
14.10 Breakout Session 2 Theme Groups: Discussions on ways forward to address
syndemic issues, rights, and universal access
• Faith – A focus on faith, sexual diversity and access
to health
• Health sector engagement – focus on reducing stigma
and discrimination and health settings
• Social research – moving beyond statistics
• Transgender health
• Living with HIV (for positives and negatives)
15.40 Tea Break
16.10 Closing Plenary The Way Forward
17.20 Epilogue

Please check final ICAAP programme, listings on or bulletin boards for final room locations and last minute changes.

Oral Abstract Sessions
09:00-10:30 Getting to Zero in the Asia and Pacific region
Plenary 1 • ‘Getting to Zero’ and stopping new HIV infections in the Asia Pacific region:
the epidemic, the response and the challenge of universal access after
the high-level meeting
• Youth who are at risk in Asia – new and emerging issues, youth leadership as
a key force in prevention

10:50-12:00 Trends in HIV epidemiology
Session A01 • A disrupted biography: a 10-country study of issues surrounding positive MSM
in the Asia-Pacific
• The dynamics of intimate partner transmission of HIV/AIDS in China
• Anal sex among men and women in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG)
• Effect of entrance in the trucking industry during adolescence on HIV among
long distance truck drivers in India
12:00-13:30 Moving from sheer quantity to queer quality:

APCOM Emerging HIV and social research issues among MSM and
Satellite transgender people
Symposium SaSAT07 (LGBT) in Room CH 106
00158 APCOM with ARCSHS, UNESCO and UNAIDS Pakistan
Gary Dowsett and Pimpawun Boonmongkhon, with:
• Jeffrey Grierson
• Jan Willem De Lind Van Wijngaarden, Pakistan, UNAIDS/UNICEF, Pakistan
• Hoang Tu Anh
• Thomas Guadamuz
“…to bring together a wide range of actors involved in social research on MSM
and transgender people, along with HIV prevention, care and support
practitioners, to highlight the importance of social research in informing HIV
responses in Asia Pacific.”
Limited number of complimentary lunch boxes will be available – arrive early.
1:30-15:00 Legal impediments to universal access which also enhance stigma
Plenary 2 and discrimination
• Highlighting the role played by the legal environment in facilitating or hindering
universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support and the global
response to date
14:00-15:30 MSM and Transgender People Multi-City HIV Initiative
BEXCO Glass Hall – Room M202-4
Scott Berry, APMG with support from UNDP
15:30-16:30 Long Road to the Respect of Human Rights in HIV
Session F01 • A backward step: Part 13 and the erosion of human rights of sex workers in Fiji
• Advocacy and result of promoting transgender rights and identity
• The crime of being faafafine – reforming the crimes ordinance 1961
• Criminal law and the management of people with HIV who put others
at risk of infection

Please check final ICAAP programme, listings on or bulletin boards for final room locations 3 and last minute changes. 16:50-18:00 Epidemiology of HIV in Men having sex with men
Session B03 • Evaluation of application of pooling NAAT in MSM population in China 16:50-18:00 Where there is the political will, there is the way!

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