Alice Nkom: Preventing gay Cameroonians from accessing HIV care violates their human rights

Scott Roberts
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Nkom says her country will never get on top of its HIV epidemic if it continues to prevent gay citizens from accessing healthcare through repressive laws.

The campaigner told PinkNews it was a “key issue” in Cameroon because “you violate the human rights of people to access health, medicines and treatment”.

“When you see the situation of gay people in Cameroon it’s a place where HIV is still increasing,” Ms Nkom continued.
“Even doctors are tempted to denounce people who (are gay)”.

The country’s homophobic laws “are very very dangerous for the gay community,” Ms Nkom warned.

“You have bisexual people; you have gay people who try to hide their orientation by trying to have a girlfriend, trying to have kids to make sure they will be forgotten in terms of repression and rejection which is not good.”

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