Africa's Anti-Gay Crackdown: Is Kenya Next?

Published: March 12, 2014

 The Kenyan parliament has demanded that the government explain why gays and lesbians are not being prosecuted under the country’s existing anti-gay laws.

MP Irungu Kangata, who has been actively campaigning against LGBT rights, demanded that the Director of Public 
Prosecutions and the State explain what measures have been taken to enforce these laws.
Kangata has claimed that gays and lesbians are being allowed to “operate with impunity in Kenya,” as the Capital News website put it.
“The Majority Leader should report to and inquire into; reasons for the non-enforcement of anti-gays laws, whether there are any organisations that are championing violation of the aforementioned law and if they are registered, what steps are being taken by the government to de-register or curtail such organisations’ activities,” Kangata said.
According to Capital News, Aden Duale, the leader of the Majority Coalition in the National Assembly, was given one and half months to deliver a comprehensive response to the House on the issue.
Duale, however, said that he may need much more time. “I need to make trips both to the neighbouring countries and to more developed nations, because I need to consult across the borders how this thing can be handled. Mr Speaker you will indulge me if by one and half months I will not have an answer then you will give two or three years,” he said.
Capital News noted that “the issue has gained prominence after Uganda enacted tough laws against gays.”
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