Africans Protest for Gay Legalization

Published: October 18, 2013

 A panoramic study of African religions will depict Africans as moralistic people – especially the Christianity and the Islamic religion. One of the largest churches in the world can also be found in Africa, and Islamic religion shows a massively interesting in attracting enormous congregations.

But this prestige is changing as many Africans are protesting for gay legalization. And before the appearance of the white men in Africa, there were various religions in Africa in which they admired very much. This idea is shown in one of the African greatest books, Thing Fall Apart, the most African reading literature book written by the late Nigerian literary icon, Chinua Achebe. The hero character, Okonkwo, is baffles with the arrival of the missionaries, with their new religion and education which disintegrates the Africans association in the book – majorly the Ibo people of Nigeria.
Indeed, like a famous song refusing to fade, things are really falling apart in Africa, and it is recurring.
But many intellectual and the non-educated in Africa, would not dispute the arrival of the white men, especially the Christians who are seeing the religion as the only way to heaven, according to the sermons of the Bible and the signs that followed them. And with this news of gay of validation, can we also put the culpability on the white men?
The record shows that South Africa is the fifth and the first country in Africa to ever embrace the gay concept in the world. This is really driving some Africans crazy, especially the Christians and the Muslims.
Even, the African religions do not entail this uncanny issue. But other Africans, most especially the educated and the youth ones, do not see this as immoral. They have also trooped out to remonstrate for gay confirmation, while others are doing it behind, that is, practicing the gay in clandestine since their governments are not yielding to this or opposing the issue.

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