African 'Gay Panic' Journalism

Published: January 10, 2014

 An article published by Kenya’s The Star newspaper warning of “rampant” homosexuality is another example of the dangerous sensationalism that’s often found in African reports on LGBTI issues.

The story deals with comments made by Anisa Menza, the Education and Development Association Coordinator in the coastal town of Malindi.
Menza states that the number of boys in the area being “introduced” to homosexuality and drug abuse is on the rise because homosexuality is becoming more accepted.
“Many youth in this area turn to such activities in such for money. This is because they have not put effort in school. They are now looking for easy ways of making money,” she said.
Menza went on to state: “You know our male children are being lured to do such activities for them to be bought a motorbike or be given money. My worry is whether we will [have] upright men to marry our girls in future.
“Currently, irresponsible people from different communities are doing it. This has made it hard to solve the problem once and for all. The trend has made our children to think that this is a normal thing that anyone can do.”
Menza further warned that “If the government is reluctant in dealing with this evil, then we are going to loose [sic] our children,” adding that “the government and religious leaders must stand up and declare that homosexuality is illegal and sinful”.

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