Advocates Speak: A snapshot of voices and perspectives from Grinnell

Published: June 6, 2014

This week, from June 2-5, the HIV is Not a Crime Conference took place in Grinnell College in Iowa. Advocates from across the country came together to brainstorm and share their perspectives and experiences in connection with HIV criminalization – the use of criminal law to prosecute and penalize people living with HIV for conduct that would be legal if they did not get tested or know their status.

Since many people, including members of the Positive Justice Project, a national campaign to end HIV criminalization, were not able to travel to Iowa for the conference, I want to share a snapshot of the conversations that took place among advocates and community members at the conference. The themes represented here are not exhaustive, but they form a powerful and inspiring platform for action, movement-building, and social change over the next year.

Full text of articles available at link below –

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