Activist to sue Trinidad and Tobago entry ban on gays

Published: November 27, 2012

Maurice Tomlinson, an LGBT advocate is to challenge Trinidad and Tobago’s entry ban on gays in an international court.

Tomilnson, a Jamaican national and legal advisor for the NGO AIDS-Free World has been invited to give two presentations during the month of December.

One invitation is by the United Nations Population Fund to participate in a HIV workshop, and the other is to attend a Caribbean Community (CARICOM) conference on human rights.

However, section 8 of Trinidad’s Immigration Act prohibits entry to homosexuals, people with mental health issues and physical disabilities.

As Tomlinson has no intention of lying, he had to reject the invitations from the organizations.

The law, which is written in an archaic and offensive language, states that ‘entry into Trinidad and Tobago … is prohibited [to]:

‘(a) persons who are idiots, imbeciles, feeble-minded persons, persons suffering from dementia;

‘(c) persons who are dumb, blind or otherwise physically defective, or physically handicapped;

‘(d) people with criminal convictions;

‘(e) prostitutes, homosexuals or persons … suspected as coming to Trinidad and Tobago for these or any other immoral purposes;

‘(f) persons who are reasonably suspected of attempting to bring into Trinidad and Tobago or of procuring prostitutes or other persons for the purpose of prostitution or homosexual or other immoral purposes;’

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